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Iceland Part 3

My studies get tougher and tougher, time gets more and more rare and its simply impossible to write everything down I want to.
But know, after a looooong time, here it is. Part 3 of my Iceland travels.
After Lake Myvatn our next stop was beautiful Egilsstadir.
In the morning there were strong windstorms and it was nearly impossible to walk straight without any problems.

05 (139)

–> a little windy…

But- typical for iceland- after a few hours of rain the sun came out and revealed a stunning blue sky.
Just the perfect weather to visit the huge Dettifoss- waterfall.
Rain and waterfall is a little too much water in my oppionion :D!

05 (170) 05 (157) 05 (183)

Isn’t it just… awesome? I think those pictures speak for themselves.

Egilsstadir welcomed us with the best temperatures we had in a few days.
It was crazy. We were able to take a walk in the nearby woods without any rainjackets or pullovers.
And how those woods smelled. *.* Like summer, grass and the promise of a long hot day. (which got broken… it got freeeeeezing cold after a few hours)
But which impressed me the most was our sweet little tiny house for that night.
We were not only able to cook ourselve a meal (how much I missed simply spaghetti!!) but had a beautiful balcony.

05 (198) 05 (202) 05 (199)

Its funny because in my memories Egilsstadir was one place I felt a little like home. Both, my dad and I, were sad to leave.
On the other hand, a friend of mine told me how depressing Egilsstadir was for him. He wasnt able to see anything because of all the fog and just wanted to leave.
Between those two memories are only a few days. I think thats the perfect story to descripe weather in Iceland. You never ever know what you get.

After Egilsstadir Höfn was our next stop. Near Höfn is the famous Vatnajökull, the greatest glacier of Iceland.
06 (168) 06 (115) 06 (113) 06 (172)
I was so sure after Dettifoss there couldn’t be anything more impressive. But how wrong I was!
Since I was a little child I wanted to see growlers one day. Perhaps because when I was a child I often watched Lars, the polarbear. For me ice is always something magical. Something mystical and beautiful. So wen we came to Lake Jökulsarlon I was just overwhelmed. Yeah, they where just small baby growlers. But you know, sometimes the smallest things can make up the greatest room in your heart 😀 *how cheeeasy!*
It felt like a big childhood dream came true. (I am still waiting for my cart track…)
We stayed two days near that lake and I think you can never get enough of this view. I am very sure.

Sadly we had to leave after that time but lucky us Iceland is a country full of nature-adventures. So after a lot of hours of driving and sheep watching we came to the Selfoss- waterfall.
And while people stood there watching and taking pictures my daddy was a little fed up with those borring tourists. So he just stepped under the waterfall. Yep.
Now you know why I am who I am 😀 I had no chance, its just lieing in my genes…

08 (218) 08 (219) 08 (228) –> a little shower

I was so proud :)! In my opinion this is one of the most important things in life- never ending longing for adventures and fun!
Just put down your phone and walk in the waterfall! Try it 🙂

Near Selfoss there is, by the way, another waterfall. Its  not that easy to find but if you are lucky you can see the entrance between the mountains.
Its like a secret spot, hidden from the world outside.

08 (238) 08 (232)

There are still so much more places I would like to show you. So much more pictures. So much more stories. But I think now is the perfect time to close this chapter.
I hope after all those waterfalls and stunning nature pictures and rainbows you were able to get a feeling how Iceland can be like. How Iceland looked like in my eyes.
There is just one more thing to say: visit this beautiful country. Its so so worth it!

Maybe in a few months I will have some more time do describe a few more places. But for today, thats it 🙂
If you have any questions feel free to write me.

Oh and one little more story:
Back in Rejkjavik some hours before our airplaine went I saw a strange looking sculpture  at the harbour.
The sunvoyager. Its about hope and faith and traveling.
So when you visit iceland make sure you find this pretty thing!
Its inspiring. As nearly everything in Iceland 😉

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